pessimystic nicalyn perez

The title of this piece is ‘Pessimystic’ and  it is made with acrylic paint with the dimensions of 16 by 20 inches. The colors and subjects I choose when painting are usually instinctual and decided with my mood.

‘Pessimystic’ began to be created live at a Gold Mined and Pando Studios jam session event alongside a couple of my artist friends, Rebecca Echevarria and Gold Mined writer, Thelisha Aluc. Involving metallic paint in my work has been a recent method to make paintings stand out while adding a dimension that changes with lighting. The distinct colors throughout the images resemble the same stark contrast in its meaning. This piece along with the rest of my art is open to interpretation but I do have a certain idea of what it represents. 

Most people, including myself, are their worst critics or naturally feel negatively about many aspects of life. I suppose it’s due to hopes of perfection, taking what we already have for granted or just habit of mindset. This painting visually resembles what we sometimes feel in a utopia, Earth, that is actually so vibrant and opposite of that mentality. The reason for the title and idea is that we humans are so unnecessarily pessimistic in such a mystical and wonderful world.