Music by Fusik ‘Higher’

About 4 years ago, Tyler “Sleepy the Snake” Rouse and Justin Scott founded Outlawed Soldiers. Fast forward to present day, the crew now consists of 5 members: Tyler, Justin, Kenny, Tony, and Mario. Each member has their own unique story and style, but one thing unifies them as a whole: the difficulties of being an artist. “All of us stay because we love the struggle…we enjoy the accomplishments and we originate the creativity from our own styles and personalities. We are artist[s].”

Other than winning “jams” and building their reputation as artists in breakdancing, as a crew, their goal is to build a legacy and to inspire future generations that come from Tampa. Crew member “Sleepy” is currently preparing for world finals in “Freestyle Session.” As a team, Outlawed Soldiers is working toward a 5v5 invitational in November.

For aspiring dancers? Outlawed Soldiers advises to “keep moving forward – don’t acknowledge the naysayers.” And most importantly, “be true to yourself.”