Kevin Smach_1
Photography by Kevin Smach

Kevin Smach picked up his first camera, a Canon Rebel 2000, at the age of 10. Since then, he has continued to develop his passion in photography through fashion and nature. “For the most part, I am a fashion photographer…I am able to let my imagination run wild with fashion photography. I am free to shoot at any location I see fitting, and shooting at a crazy location is half the fun.”

Born and raised in the Tampa area, Smach is a 25 year old photographer specializing in work that aims to incorporate both nature and fashion together. “As a kid I was always drawing, always constructing something, always on an adventure. A lot of my work revolves around my imagination and I am truly grateful I have never lost that growing up.” Although Smach took several art classes throughout his schooling, he did not pursue photography until after he graduated. “Back then it wasn’t a ‘cool’ thing to be interested in. So in a way I had been repressing my interest and capabilities for many years. Honestly, to this day it still wears on me when I’m putting out new work. I wonder if people will like it, but then I realize this is about me, not them, so f**k ‘em.”

In Smach’s work, women and nature are two dynamics often featured. When he gets the chance, he likes to combine both aspects into one shoot. During shoots, the atmosphere is very important in his creative process. “I like to capture the moment, and really do not like posed photos. When I am photographing a model I like to capture her behaving naturally, and it goes from there.”

Currently, Smach is in the planning process of a few projects, including a clothing line as well as a section of his website where prints of his photography will be available to purchase. Smach is also interested in coaching others in photography. “I’d like to get into teaching others who [may] be interested, it’s always been a rewarding feeling when I teach a friend something new.” And to those who are aspiring to get into the arts, Smach says to not give up. “Never, ever give up. If it truly is your passion, you may lie to yourself and say ‘I quit!’ But you’ll be right back at it in a week or so, trust me.”

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