Born in The Bahamas, Keith Evans is a 24 year old artist currently living in Tampa, FL. Evans began drawing at the age of 3. Around the age of 7, his love for drawing became more evident through the filled up drawing pads and stacks of paper he would go through in his process of creating. “I drew everywhere. At school, at church, and at home, “ Evans said. At a young age, Evans found inspiration from sketches in the back of a composition notebook. “I appreciated everything about it. Every line and each curve and the way that they all came together to form the images. I didn’t know how it was done or that it was capable of being done, so it seemed like magic to me.” Evans found the same inspiration from the creative concepts used in magazine ads: attempting to mimic what he observed in the ads into his drawings.

His experience in painting came later on in a high school art class. “It reminded me of drawing, except I was able to add colors, which added a whole new dimension and creative dynamic to producing pieces.” He re-sparked his interest in painting through an observational painting class he took during his sophomore year at The University of Tampa.

Evans is known for his pop icon art: creating pieces of celebrities, pop/cultural icons, and athletes by tapping into the aura and energy they give. “I love this process. It makes me think about the irony of the human psyche. We sing out the lyrics of our favorite songs as if we had wrote them ourselves and we connect on intimate levels with people we’ve never met.” 

Photo Courtesy of Keith Evans

Recently, Evans has been experimenting with unusual mediums to create his art. One of his most recent pieces features a Michael Jordan portrait made from sea salt. “All of a sudden I was in my kitchen and just creating. What I love the most is the spontaneity behind this piece. It was so natural and on the spot and creating art in that space and frame of mind is a beautiful thing.” While creating this piece, Evans reminisced over watching basketball on Sunday afternoons with his dad. “Ultimately, the image represents something we bonded over, and as an artist, revisiting that emotion and great time in my life through my work is everything I could ask for.”

Evans is currently working on several commissions and a series of paintings for possible gallery showcasing opportunities. His work was previously featured in the Tampa Bay Lightening’s 3rd Annual Call to Artist exhibit, and he hopes to be apart of it again and to be apart of other upcoming opportunities in the art community.

As for aspiring artists, Evans finds his motivation from believing in yourself. “I read something the other day that said, ‘Be who you are, and embrace who you are becoming.’ I think that [that’s] the key. No one else is responsible for how far you take things in life and no one knows you like you know yourself. Take time to remember that. The world is noisy and filled with opinions and distractions. At times, [it’s] easy to tune out your own thoughts and beliefs. But if you stay true and consistently invest in yourself, none of these things will matter. You’re unique to this world, which means that your gifts and abilities are unique as well. Also keep in mind, that no one is entitled to anything ‘just because’. Thats a misconception we often trick ourselves with. [It’s] all about the effort and work. So work hard, work passionately, and believe in yourself unconditionally.”

If you’re interested in purchasing Keith Evans’ artwork or contacting him with inquiries, check out his website and follow him on Instagram @keithevansart.