jujmo landscape
“The Jujmo Landscape” (piece 1 out of 2) by Jujmo

Cheryl Weber creates an imaginative world through her artistic illustrations. Based out of Tampa, FL, Weber has been creating illustrations and painting murals for about 2 years under her artist name “Jujmo.” Having found a true interest in graffiti, Weber found her artist name by coming up with her own tag name. “I had to figure out something that was short and sweet [and] that was kind of androgynous because I didn’t want people to know if I was a boy or a girl. I really liked ‘Juju’ and one of my favorite photographers, her username was ‘Momomilk’…so I did a blend of ‘Juju’ and ‘Momo’ and I got Jujmo.”

Weber graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. Shortly after she graduated, she began focusing on illustration. She found inspiration by researching different contemporary artists and their styles then foregoing a “trial-and-error” method of figuring out what worked best for her. Weber finds that doing your research is an important step in finding your artistic style. “Art school kind of facilitated that whole process for me, but you could totally do it on your own – you don’t have to go to school to be an artist, necessarily. Brush up on your art history and just do your research on any type of artist that interests you […] If you do art that’s not interesting to you, then you’re not going to want to do it anymore. That’s why I started doing my artwork the way I do it because I like it and it relates to me.”

Weber has been interested in art ever since she was little, especially in “colors and how people interpret imagery.” Her artwork typically consists of bright colors and the use of ink, gouache, watercolor, gel pens, and copic markers. Having grown up “in a little bit of everywhere” much of her style has been influenced by the places she’s lived. “I like drawing cats […] I always think about how it’s [sic] so easy for me to draw a cat’s face because I’ve been drawing them for so long. When I was growing up in Japan there was a lot of respect for cats. People will take a stray cat and feed it and show so much kindness towards it; so, I’ve always been obsessed with cats ever since I lived in Japan.”

jujmo landscape 2
“The Jujmo Landscape” (piece 2 out of 2) by Jujmo

Her two painting piece “The Jujmo Landscape” perfectly exhibits her unique art style. “I did it on wooden canvas and I had so much fun doing it because I love colors and I like colors that make your eyes vibrate and move. I always pick highlighter type colors like florescent red – but, just a little bit to make your eyes move in the piece.”

Weber has already began making a mark in Tampa with several of her works featured as murals throughout the area. Currently, Weber is working on opening her Etsy shop, commission work, and hopefully a solo show in the near future.

To learn more about Cheryl Weber, aka Jujmo, check out her website at jujmo.com and follow her on Instagram at @jujmo.