Photography by Joel Corrente

Originally from Providence, RI, Joel Corrente is a 29 year old photographer based in Tampa Bay, FL. Corrente has been specializing in the realm of digital photography for 6 years, and artistically for about 3 years. “I am a landscape and architecture photographer. Something about creating a scene and taking something that normally would look mundane or boring and adding a look that makes it tough not to stare at. I always tell people when I have trouble looking away from one of my images after I finish I know I have achieved something. Photography in general to me is about feeling. If you look at an image and it doesn’t evoke a feeling of some kind then I don’t think the photographer has truly done their job,” Corrente says.

Corrente’s interest in the arts began when he came across a local photographer’s work and became inspired by their style. “I told myself from that moment on that I wanted to create similar images. I went out and bought a camera the next day and my life changed for the better.”

Corrente’s work depicts landscapes with a dream-like twist, by using an in-depth process to capture the movement of the light and of the color in each of his shots. “My process starts out with either a photo walk or I will sometimes have a spot in mind and I will set up at a specific location. Once I have determined a spot I set my tripod and camera up. After I frame and compose the scene, I take 7 images at varying light levels. All 7 images are of the same thing and the camera has not moved at all.”

After some cropping and color balancing, Corrente then chooses 7 images to construct the final image in Photoshop. “Once the proper images have been selected I begin to blend the images together by hiding and showing certain parts of each image as they are all stacked as layers in [Photoshop]. This allows me to create a natural looking HDR image. After that, I make some color adjustments to make the scene pop and stand out.”

The final product Corrente produces is an HDR photo that distorts reality. “I don’t like a natural look to my photos. I use the phrase ‘A surreal depiction of reality’. I like to take people somewhere they can go but show it in a way they would never be able to see in person.”

Luxury interiors and city “nightscapes” are among Corrente’s favorite subjects to shoot. With an interest in aviation, he hopes to explore a new area in his creative work. “I am a bit of an aviation nerd and I am in the planning phase of a new project involving TIA. Hoping to get them on board to give me some exclusive access. Fingers crossed.”

As a self-taught artist, Corrente has grown as a photographer through practice and repetition. “I am all self-taught, I had somewhat of a mentor early on but for the most part it has been me sitting down at the computer and reading and watching as much as I can. I think establishing a few photographers to follow who’s style you want to emulate is important. In order to truly find your own style I think it is very important to try to emulate someone else’s first. The trial and error of that process will lead you to your own style. Most importantly is [to] GET OUT AND SHOOT. Push that button as much as possible. for the last 3 years I have tried to get out and shoot at least 3 times a week. Not everyone has that kind of free time, but it’s important to get out a lot. Repetition is key to reinforce what your learning. Don’t be afraid to try new things either.”

Check out Joel Corrente’s HDR photography at www.hdruready.com and his architectural photography at joelcorrente.com.