When an artist creates, often they choose that pathway because of a certain reason. Whether for expression or purposeTan_Emily_PVC, gaining the knowledge behind their reasoning usually translates the viewers’ perspective on a piece. For artist Emily Tan, the psychology of how patterns allow people to naturally feel at ease plays a key role in the embodiment of her work as a painter and sculptor.

The color palette in her work is normally simplistic and representative of her daily routine. The abstraction in most of her pieces uses the patterns of nature as a base. From there she creates her own interpretation, highlighting what she finds most beautiful.

Emily’s specific purpose in art is to emphasize the power of repetition in her everyday life. She finds the process meditative, while helping her find structure.

These subjective works symbolically reveal the truth and process of my experiences. Though overwhelming and tedious, these repetitive patterns build a structure, thus developing an appreciation of the process.”

It doesn’t end at her work; she practices repetition through her daily routines as well. Although she sticks with her schedule, Emily is always ready to adapt with the ever-changing world.

Check out what she represents in her paintings and other artworks that display Emily Tan’s interesting style on her website at emilytanart.com. You can also follow her Facebook page,  Emily Tan Art or Instagram profile at @iemtan.

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