Photography by Matthew Guanciale from Vault11 Creative

Emily Smith
is a fashion designer based out in Tampa, FL. Smith has been designing for 8 years, but it was not until she started college when she learned how to create her designs.

Born and raised in Gaborone, Botswana, Smith’s designs reflect the culture she grew up in. “I have grown up amongst a rich and vivacious culture. Finding within it a deep love for bold prints, colors and fashion. I have found that in everything I do my cultured past shines through, bringing a touch of Africa to all of my designs.”

Ever since Smith could remember, she had a love for the arts. “It was always one of the few things that I could always understand. It’s a way of expression that exceeds the need for any language or sound. [It’s] pure emotion, an image of its creator. I think it’s truly beautiful. No matter what medium it is.”

When Smith designs, she does it by feeling and by finding the balance in her creative process. From the moment she begins sketching, to the moment she chooses fabric, the final product needs to “feel right.” But, at times, Smith’s process does change. “Sometimes I sketch the design and then make it and sometimes I start making a design without planning the outcome. This method in particular has lead me to designs that I wouldn’t have been able to think of on paper. I have found both ways to be equally rewarding and regardless of how [it’s] done the outcome to me is always special.”

And to those of you on your own artistic pursuit, Smith advises to “…never give up, stick to your vision and don’t let anyone tell you that you [can’t] do it, because the only way that you will fail is if you stop trying.”

Smith is currently working on her online store and setting up items for sale. Stay up to date with Emily Smith Designs at www.emilysmithdesigns.org

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