Christina Bauer is a 30-year-old hobby artist specializing in oil painting and mixed media. She is currently residing in Lakeland, FL with her husband and their “zoo” of 4 rescued pit bulls and 2 cats. Before she started focusing on fine-tuning her skills, Bauer’s introduction into the arts first started off casually.“I’ve been doodling and creating things for as long as I could hold a pencil for, but started seriously working on my skills about 2 years ago when I first attempted portraits and started practicing with oil paints.” Within those 2 years, Bauer has established herself as an emerging artist to look out for and has developed her own unique style along the way.

What sparked your interest in the arts?
The freedom to express myself. I’m able to give people a glimpse into my (albeit quirky) personality [and] offer a new depth of feelings for people to see. I love being able to make people question their ideals of what is supposed to be socially accepted as beautiful.”

“Memento Vitae” by Christina Bauer


Describe your creative process.
A lot of my creations start out as completely random doodles on napkins, honestly. Many of my themes tend to go more towards the darker surreal creations or combining the beautiful and bizarre together. While creating you can usually find me holed up in my studio room at my house with some crazy music in the background and scrolling through color palettes and pictures to get a good mood board or idea going. My husband is a huge sounding board for me and is always pushing me to come up with new ideas and giving me great feedback as a fellow artist.”

What’s your favorite thing to create?
My favorite type of paintings would probably be portraits that make people take a second look[…]when you take the time to really evaluate them and look closer you’ll find so many different aspects that bring out a whole new story line in them. A lot of my insect inspired pieces for example, I get a lot of people coming up to me stating that they’re terrified of bees, or bugs, etc., but yet can’t help but find my piece beautiful because of the way that I have incorporated these typically ‘taboo’ or usually disliked creations into my paintings. The truth is, lots of people want to express a specific stance or point of view with their art. Some even think that we as artists have a responsibility to do so. But when we paint what we are driven to paint because it inspires us, then our work transcends a point of view. If we follow our own muse, we can really cause deeper change in the world.”


What’s your favorite piece?
“My favorite piece to date probably has to be my Rick Genest (Zombie Boy) tribute piece that I recently completed. Not only because I saw it as a huge push for my technique and portrait work, but because of the emotional response that I received from it. Having my art create such depth of feelings within people was absolutely incredible. I strive to have each painting be an honest expression of self and give a view into the subject’s soul.”

“Zombie Boy” by Christina Bauer

Bauer is currently working on several pieces for Calvaria Gallery – a new darker/pop-surrealism gallery opening in New Jersey: “I have so many ideas buzzing around in my head for this one, so I am very excited!” She also has several local shows lined up over the next few months. Her work will be featured in the upcoming FRINGE Creatives show, WITCH (Woman in Total Control of Herself) that will be opening on Thursday, October 4 at The Iberian Rooster in St.Pete. You can also check her out in Orlando at the annual Dia De los Muertos & Monster Factory exhibit hosted by CityArts factory on Thursday, October 18. In November, she will also be participating in the Lakeland Art Crawl alongside with other emerging artists.

Stay up-to-date with Christina Bauer’s latest works by following her on Instagram & you can find her pieces for sale online at her Store.

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