Self-Portrait | Acrylic Paint by Camaron Parker

Camaron Parker is a Tampa, FL based artist and aspiring tattoo artist that works on paintings and sketches of his sarcastic styled point of view on pop culture, ideas of gender neutrality, and opposing opinions on traditional family ideals. Whether it is for personal work or commissioned pieces, he uses mixed media that incorporates every material from ballpoint pen, colored pencils, to acrylic paint, and oil paints.

The start of his passion for the arts began camparkerwhen he was in preschool: “I asked my dad to sit down at the coffee table and show me how to draw a cat or bicycle or something arbitrary like that. And I’ve never felt the need to put the pencil down.” From then on he was always trying to draw anything that would stay still and eventually entered art shows with the guidance of his instructors as mentors. He is formally educated, in addition to being self-taught, at Northern Illinois University.

Inspiration for Cam derives from his day to day experiences, pop culture, and social media. Being easily inspired is what he describes as “a great place to be mentally,” as it is the foundation of his diversity in his subject material. For a boost of inspiration, Cam turns to Alexander McQueen and Grace Jones.

“With my art I aim to provoke some controversy, comfort the out-casted, ruffle judgmental feathers, and soothe one’s senses all in the same pencil stroke.”

To find more art by Camaron, follow his Instagram profile at @painkillercam, his Twitter at @painkillercamm, or visit his website at