Photography by Ashley Holloway; “Fruit Punch” for Lucy’s Magazine

Ashley Holloway is a 26 year old fashion and creative/conceptual portrait photographer based in Florida. “Photography has been something I’ve been interested in ever since I was old enough to click the button on a disposable camera. I started really getting into fashion photography and working with creative teams just about 4 years ago, which seems like a really long time but also quite short!”

Holloway’s interest in the arts began at a very young age. “I’ve been fascinated with creating anything and everything since I was a young child. I took all the art classes I could in middle and high school, and when I went to college, I really couldn’t see myself majoring in anything except for art.” Normally shy and reserved, art has also helped Holloway express herself in a creative way. “I have a mind full of ideas and art helps me to quiet my mind a bit. You know what I mean? My mind is just buzzing with them, and sometimes I have a hard time concentrating on anything else. My chosen artistic medium has changed a lot over the years, but I’d like to think it’s really evolved.”

Fashion was also an interest of Holloway’s since middle school, which has influenced her main style in photography. “Fashion, to me, is a way of expressing myself, as well as pretending to be somebody else. That’s something that I can really identify with and channel into my photography work. When you’re shooting a fashion editorial or a designer’s Lookbook, you’re creating a character based on the styling, and playing with stories is something I really love.”

Holloway doesn’t have one set method in her creative process. But typically, she begins with an idea, then follows up with a creative team. At times, an editorial can take her all the daylight hours within a day to shoot. After selecting her favorites, Holloway comes up with a basic color scheme for the photos, then begins the retouching and refining before sending them off to the team. “There’s a lot of decisions in-between but it’s hard to really put into words. It’s funny how some images really end up connecting with you, while others get trashed so easily.”

Holloway loves capturing the imaginative time of being a teenager or young adult in her photographs. “I love photographing unique faces, especially those of young girls because there’s so much imagination in them. I think the dreams that they feel internally are reflected externally so easily. I don’t photograph younger models because they’re the prettiest or the easiest to retouch or the thinnest, although obviously that does tend to reflect in fashion photography. But mostly, I photograph them because I love their minds, their dreams for their futures, and their enthusiasm for creative ideas. Being a teenager or young adult is such a tumultuous time in all of our lives, and I really love capturing that.”

Secret Garden
Photography by Ashley Holloway; Secret Garden series

Her style is perfectly depicted in her Secret Garden inspired series. “Although it’s an older photo of mine, I think it’s aged rather well. It was one of the most intensive and thought out series of mine at the time, and it’s a photo that reminds me that we can all create magic in real life. Plus, I had such an incredible team working on it with me! My grandfather made me the swing that Laura is standing on, and that just really makes it incredibly special to me.  My grandmother and mom also like to tell me how they were watching us all out the window as I was shooting it, and I guess it’s become a bit legendary in our minds. The Secret Garden movie really captured my heart and mind as a child, and I think that’s something that will always be with me.” 

When not doing photography, Holloway enjoys spending her time in other hobbies of hers. “I’m currently really into plants and gardening and making moss terrariums, and I love decorating my home. I also try to go thrifting as often as possible! I love vintage clothing and housewares, especially for photo shoots, so thrifting is my affordable way to get the kind of things I like. Plus, thrifting adds a thrill to the hunt that I just love. I’m a huge deal junkie, my mom tells people that I’m her coupon girl. I also love shopping, Netflix, and doing random crafty things that sometimes don’t turn out like they’re supposed to!”

Currently, Holloway has a few upcoming projects she’s planning for the upcoming Fall season. “I’m working on a few fashion editorial series with some lovely groups of women as well as something dark and intense for Halloween with two of my good friends and designers Ricky Lindsay (Ricky Lindsay Couture) and Julia Marie Chew (Xiaolin Design).” Holloway has also been working on expanding her portfolio. “I’ve also been really into photographing headshots of models with minimal or no makeup and no styling in my studio on black seamless paper. I have a lot of things to worry about when I’m outdoors, but when I’m in the studio, I like that I can focus only on the model. The series is called Bare Beauty.”

For aspiring artists, Holloway gives the simple of advice of being yourself. “I get asked this one a lot, but my answer is always the same!  Be yourself and do what you think is cool! So many young photographers make the mistake of thinking they have to replicate popular photographers, but that won’t really get you anywhere. You have to focus on what you’re passionate about, because your passion will show through in your work.”

Learn more about Ashley Holloway’s photography at and  follow her on Instagram @ahollowayphoto and like her page on Facebook. You can also check her out on Deviantart, Tumblr, and 500px.