The hype over Art Basel may be over, but a very classic visit during the festivities includes a favorite amongst art enthusiasts: The Wynwood Walls, mural-filled streets with saturation nearly overwhelming to the unseasoned. The energy given by countless artists’ contributions within every block was seemingly limitless with the constant vibrancy of several hues. Each building-sized piece was intricate and extravagant in their unique ways. Within some of the buildings held fantastic local shops and mind-bending installations. There were many eye-catching scenes while gallivanting within the painted walls. Immerse yourself in the scenery brought by the effects of a massive artist collective.

This collection of shots show works from both within the gates of Wynwood Walls to the surrounding exteriors of businesses and galleries. You may recognize a mural by Los Angeles artist and creator of the iconic ‘Obey’ graffiti symbol, Shepard Fairey. Some of his works are also within a gallery within the district, offering prints of his most loved pieces. Another famous artist featured on the walls of wonder is RETNA, who is also from LA and most known for his distinctive graffiti lettering. Personal favorites include the murals by DALeast from South Africa and Alexis Diaz from Puerto Rico.

It was great to see live painters in different stages of their works so that people may get a better understanding of the necessary and time-consuming attention to detail it takes to create these pieces. There was one corner where three women were making live art on the outside of a building. It was very inspiring and empowering to see female creators, as most graffiti artists are male. Seeing three talented females painting at once was a statement on its own.

The most captivating installation was called Fragments by Felice Limosani. This audio kinetic sculpture was subtitled as a ‘euphonic soundscape.’ It is inspired by the concept of each place having a ‘sound soul’ It is “a constellation of sound fragments that if caught by the rhythm of time it creates emotion like music.” The interactive room is lined with mirrors, creating a feeling of infinity as the reflections seem to go on forever. There are four main cone-shaped speakers that swing back and forth in a wave pattern while emitting constant sounds layered precisely. As you walk around the room, speakers in the walls activate unique sounds.

There were also works by Jonathan Paul A.K.A. Desire Obtain Cherish and John Grande.

Overall Miami was an amazing experience, especially during the Art Basel festivities. There were many great energies and friendly personalities that embodied the vibe this colorful city gives. Speaking with an artist while there, we got to know the ins and outs of what Art Basel is really like from a local perspective. With the extreme hype, there are many disrespectful visitors that might tag (spray paint) over expensive public murals or become obnoxious to galleries looking for true prospective art collectors during the most high traffic season. So don’t bring your drinks into galleries while being belligerent or tag over completed works and undeserving businesses.

Wynwood was a collage of artists from around the globe. It’s a city painted in collaboration of the biggest names in today’s industry. The vibrancy was very infectious as I am still affected in where I’d like to take my own art.