Coexisting by William Kurucz (Lithograph & Water Color on White BFK Paper – 24×6 in)

An altruistic attitude is a perspective of selflessness—a conscious act of showing compassion toward others. By focusing on this particular point of view, William Kurucz uses his printmaking to shed light on the different social issues we face today and to promote change and equality.

Originally from Stafford, VA, Kurucz currently resides in Greenville, North Carolina while attending East Carolina University in the Fine Arts program with a concentration in Printmaking. Graduating in December, Kurucz started printmaking his sophomore year, three years ago. “Coming to school I thought I was going to do business…then my mom encouraged me to go into the art program,” Kurucz said. Coming from a creative family, Kurucz has been painting and drawing his whole life and later picked up photography in high school—which made it an easy transition into printmaking.

He was inspired to take printmaking by his professor, Michael Ehlbeck, after having him as an instructor in his drawing class. “He was just a really good guy and I saw some of his art and [it] was really cool … Over the past couple of years I’ve just kind of taken things from him … and then kind of blended that with my own ‘cartoonesque’ style.”

The Story of How Princey Turned Purple by William Kurucz (Intaglio and Watercolor on White BFK Paper – 18×18 in)

Kurucz’s artwork is mainly created through intaglio printing. Intaglio printing is the process of scratching or etching the design into a plate, typically made out of copper or zinc, then letting the ink sit
into the carved out areas.

Through his artwork, he likes to create different things. “I like to have fun and I like to try and make people laugh with some of my art. But also, a lot of my work is socially based.”

His recent art show, An Altruistic Attitude, showcased his artwork that focuses on various social issues. The idea behind his artwork is heavily influenced by the struggles he sees those who are close to him go through. “I’m this average white guy who doesn’t have any problems in life. My life is pretty easy, but I see a bunch of things going on around me that just aren’t right. And so I’m taking those things and pointing out these issues that are wrong or that we kind of overlook … and offering a solution to them, which is to have an altruistic attitude.”

Kurucz’s thought-provoking pieces offer a creative way to inspire others to take notice. “Think about what you’re doing and be creative in how you do it. Don’t allow others to justify what you’re doing, or say that what you’re doing is right or wrong. As an artist you should be creative enough to come up with these things, even if other people aren’t ready for it or can’t accept it. Just be as creative as possible.” Ultimately, “work hard, don’t suck, be creative.”

William Kurucz’s artwork is available to be purchased through his online store. Check out his full body of work at and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.