What started off as classmates sharing musical interests, quickly transformed into a new fresh sound that is emerging in the Tampa scene. Grand Lotus is a local band consisting of members Russell Goodman (vocals, rhythm guitar), Carlito Algarin (lead guitar, bass), Elijah Noblitt (drums), and Brandon Giorlando (bass, guitar). The Gold Mined team got to sit down with the band and band manager, Jerray Lewis for an inside take on Grand Lotus’ journey so far.

From left to right: Elijah Noblitt (drums), Brandon Giorlando (bass and guitar), Russell Goodman (vocals and guitar), Carlito Algarin (guitar and bass), and Jerray Lewis (band manager)

Officially forming in 2015, Grand Lotus made their first show appearance at a car show festival back at their high school. They stood out amongst the lineup and within the same day, the band landed a spot at The Orpheum as their second show ever. Since then, they have been paving a way for themselves through a stream of booked shows. As for their name, the band was inspired by the underlying meaning of the lotus flower, thus creating Grand Lotus.

Grand Lotus’ most significant show, and an incredible accomplishment for a new band just recently starting out, was playing at Backyard BBQ this past May. “Carlito and I went to Next Big Thing maybe two years ago and we were in the crowd […] and were like ‘wow, wouldn’t it be great being on that stage one day,” Russell explained. “That was my big goal, I was like ‘man, if I could just play that stage’ and then we did it in May,” Carlito added.

Pulling from a variety of musical influences and backgrounds, each member contributes a unique perspective to the overall sound. “Both Russell and I were heavily influenced by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and John Frusciante [is] the guitarist that got both he and I into playing…” explained Carlito. Interesting enough, Carlito and Brandon played in a metal band prior to Grand Lotus while Elijah has always been a fan of the blues. “It’s kind of funny because Carlito and I started out really heavy into metal and that’s what got me into playing guitar. I started getting more into jazz and classical, and started exploring things like R&B…and I’d say that’s kind of how we went into our music,” Brandon added.

The guys’ laid-back, “go-with-the-flow” vibe translates into their music as they try not to confine themselves to one genre. “We kind of do a little bit of everything,” Carlito described, “some psychedelic rock, some indie influence.” The band keeps their sound “organic and raw” by creating music in the moment and aiming to take their listeners to a different place: “An escape,” Russell added.

The band’s creativity goes through a process of spontaneity and teamwork. “Almost everything is born from the jam with us,” Carlito said. Some of the band’s best songs started off during a jam session, while other songs started off as lyrics first and then built upon together as a band. “It’s like a conversation in a way: one person puts something out there and you answer it and it sort of just becomes [a] song,” Brandon described.

Since recording their first song, “Nostalgia”, over a year ago, Grand Lotus has put out a four-track EP titled Tidal Wave that features their popular single, “Australia.” Now the band is focusing on putting together a team for their first album. “We’re working on new music and making sure that the next singles we release are great to hold people’s attention,” Russell explained as for what’s next for the band.

Through making connections and believing in their art, Grand Lotus is definitely a band to look out for this upcoming year and an exciting journey to follow as described by their band manager, Jerray, “it is amazing enjoying every second of it, and believing in it every step of the way. This group of musicians [is] extremely talented and have every bit of potential to take it to the next level.”

Keep a look out for Grand Lotus’ upcoming music video for Australia and stay up to date with their latest announcements by following them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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